Dr. David Peris

Research Scientist at Botanical Institute of Barcelona

A short description

I am a Postdoctoral Research Scientist at the IBB (Botanical Institute of Barcelona, Spain).

As a paleoentomologist, I am focused on the study of the past insect diversity, and its relationship with the environment, to better understand the origin and evolution of modern terrestrial ecosystems, namely its biodiversity. My target group is Coleoptera (beetles), the most diverse group of organisms on Earth, particularly those preserved in Cretaceous amber worldwide.

I have established a research line aiming to elucidate the role that insects had in the transformation of the Cretaceous forests through mutualistic and antagonistic relationships with different groups of plants. More specifically, I study (1) the origin and evolution of pollination strategies and (2) the behaviors of wood-boring insects and their capacity to transmit pathogens. These two factors had a remarcable impact on ancient ecosystems and led to the ecosystems that we know today.

I update twice a year a list of species described in Coleoptera from the Cretaceous ambers at: https://daperce.wixsite.com/beetlesinamber

 At the top is a picture with representation of Coleoptera from the Insectarium Montreal